Pioneers Start Season November 2 Against Snead State

Pioneers Start Season November 2 Against Snead State

By:  Nick Kieser

GALLATIN, TENNESSEE — The men's basketball team will start it's season on Nov. 2 at Snead State Community College; tip-off is at 6 p.m.

With a record of 8-18 last season the Pioneers look to the 2018-19 season to improve on that record.

"I'm pretty excited for this year.  I just want to see how all of the new players and veterans play tomorrow.  I want to see how all the chemistry goes together," said sophomore Kevin Rimmer.

Vol State's opponent in Snead finished last year with a record of 25-8 and placed in first in the Alabama Community College conference.

"We have the potential to be one of the top teams in the conference this year, and even possibly make the national JUCO tournament.  We have a little more basketball IQ.  We have some guys with some very high IQ's.," said Rimmer.

The captain of Vol State's team is sophomore George Stanberry, and he stated before practice on Friday afternoon that, "We're going to make some noise this year.  I'm pretty excited."

Stanberry who was awarded All-Conference and All-Region 7 in the NJCAA last year is one of the weapons that Vol State can utilize this season on the offensive side of ball.

"Brotherhood and talking the team.  We have a lot of firepower, but we have players this year who will work for each other and not themselves," said Stanberry.

Stanberry noted before starting practice that the Vincennes University game will be a big one for them which is on Nov. 6.

"Very. I think we are deeper and stronger than we have been the last three years. All sixteen players have practiced well so far this season.  I think we can go deep down our bench this year," said head coach Rusty Melvin. 

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