First Conference Opponent of the Season to Visit Pioneers

First Conference Opponent of the Season to Visit Pioneers

By: Nick Kieser

GALLATIN, TENNESSEE — With the first conference game of the season being tomorrow evening (5:30 p.m.) the Pioneers (1-4) are looking to add a second win to their season before having Thanksgiving break coming up next Wednesday.

As far as the record goes against Columbia State Community College (3-1) last season the Pioneers did not prevail against them in two contests.  A win against Columbia would snap a three-game losing streak.

With game one of the conference series last year (Nov. 10) in Columbia the Pioneers were not short of scored points with the contest being a 127-108 loss.  Leading the scoring for the Pioneers was George Stanberry (47 points).

Even coming home later that season after winter break (Feb. 21) the game was still not executed well enough to be a victory for the Pioneers a (97-77) loss dropped the record then to (7-15).

Starting the season off the Pioneers have not had any conference games but Stanberry said after the last game, "The teams in our conference do not play like how these ranked teams have against us so far this year."

Without fearing that the losses have demoralized the players head coach Rusty Melvin said, "We know what Columbia will do and we will be able to line up against them.  We will go out at five thirty and see who executes the best."

The star of the series last year was Stanberry with a total of (86 points) against Columbia and the second closest on the team was Kevin Rimmer (37 points).  Spreading out the scoring down the line-up for the Pioneers could mean a victory for them as long as Melvin's plan is executed by his players.

With the game being the third of six at home in November the Pioneers conference wins earlier in the season can place them where they need to be when the postseason begins in March.

Coverage for the game can be found listening to 88.5 WVCP and following @VSCCPioneersMBB on Twitter.  Stay tuned for tip-off tomorrow night at (5:30 p.m).